Experimental Photography

This task was to experiment with a wide range of cameras and formats, in order to achieve a few images to exhibit at the end of a three week period.  Here I have (from left to right), a large format portrait shot, processed in a dry darkroom, something I am very new to.  An experimental pinhole camera shot, created by exposing light sensitive paper to natural light for a set exposure time of 45 seconds.  Then two digital landscape shots of Plymouth Centre, shot with a Nikon D7000 and a wide angle lens, and later edited in Photoshop.


Reservoir Hobs

This is a piece I created for my University Digital Photography project.  The task was to take a known narrative, be it film, story or fairy tale, and develop it into our own narrative through a series of pictures.  I chose to re-enact the infamous torture scene from Reservoir Dogs, but set it in a domestic kitchen setting, to make it lighthearted and funny.  I hope you enjoy the work created!


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