Where Did You Sleep Last Night

This is a collaboration I did with ACTV, a county based acoustic music production company that asked local acts to team up with them for promotional videos. This was when I had just started gigging, and the video was reasonably popular for a few weeks around the college I attended, Canterbury College. I thank the production team for this video, and was glad to work alongside them for this project as it gave me a feel of what was to come. I hope you enjoy the video, and of course, the music.


This is a music video I helped to produce with my former music partner, Bree Smith.  Our old band, Jack Rabbit Slims, produced a couple of promotional videos in the wake of an important local charity event, gaining support for a child with a serious cancer related condition who was in need of money to fly to America for treatment.  This is the two of us performing in the video, with the help of a camera operator, and along with the other video (The Cave (Cover)) we managed to gain enough recognition to raise a lot of money.  I hope you enjoy!


The Cave

This is the music video referred to in the last caption!



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