Winter is Shit.


I’m being completely serious when I say ‘Winter is Shit’.  This is because, in just 4 days since November hit us round the face with his monstrous, blisteringly cold member, I was curled up on the sofa in not one, but two blankets as well as a bloody king sized duvet.  What is life?  What is my life if I have to wake up knowing that’s the best I’m going to feel all day.  It wasn’t great.  At one point I was wearing a shirt, a woolly jumper, 2 blankets and the duvet and managed to sweat all the way through to the duvet, my fever was that bad.  

I had to change clothes three times in one day.  Who does that?  It was honestly as welcome as a hole in the bollock.

However, I did manage to start watching Breaking Bad which is just as satisfying as everybody says.  Alongside this, I have an exciting project coming up in the next few weeks.  A film project with a handmade video rig which I will begin production on very soon.  

I’ll be floating around soon enough updating the site with everything to do with this project and more.  

Anyway, I need a poo.


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