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I’ve got some new images up in the Casual Photography Gallery on my page.

Seriously, who’s in?  I promise you they’re probably going to be award winners. 



Netflix teams up with Disney’s Marvel for superhero originals

Tell me you’re not excited for this and I know you’ll be lying…


Unleash the superlatives: Netflix’s (s NFLX) next original content gamble is super-sized and superpowered. The streaming service teamed up with Disney’s (S DIS) Marvel TV unit to bring not just one but four superhero-themed TV shows exclusively to its service, with each show focusing on a different hero, including Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Iron Fist and Luke Cage.

Each of these shows will consist of one 13 episode-long season, and they’ll all culminate in a Defenders miniseries that brings the four heroes together. The whole endeavor will unfold over multiple years, and first episodes will be available on Netflix in 2015. These shows are a great get for Netflix in part because the content appeals across generations, speaking both to older children and comic book fans who are kids at heart.

This isn’t the first time for Netflix to team up with Disney. Netflix is already carrying a number of ABC shows…

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Winter is Shit.


I’m being completely serious when I say ‘Winter is Shit’.  This is because, in just 4 days since November hit us round the face with his monstrous, blisteringly cold member, I was curled up on the sofa in not one, but two blankets as well as a bloody king sized duvet.  What is life?  What is my life if I have to wake up knowing that’s the best I’m going to feel all day.  It wasn’t great.  At one point I was wearing a shirt, a woolly jumper, 2 blankets and the duvet and managed to sweat all the way through to the duvet, my fever was that bad.  

I had to change clothes three times in one day.  Who does that?  It was honestly as welcome as a hole in the bollock.

However, I did manage to start watching Breaking Bad which is just as satisfying as everybody says.  Alongside this, I have an exciting project coming up in the next few weeks.  A film project with a handmade video rig which I will begin production on very soon.  

I’ll be floating around soon enough updating the site with everything to do with this project and more.  

Anyway, I need a poo.