Finally, everything came to an end this week.  The shoot wrapped and celebrations were had by people across the globe.  Well, the three/four of us in the crew at least.

It was eventful.  First of all, the hymn was written and recorded.  Yes, you can check that out on the website (  That was a laugh, but I feel even more guilty every time I listen to it.  I shouldn’t really be able to get away with shit like this, but it’s for coursework so who cares.

The website gained its fair share of followers over the course of the week, and interest sky rocketed to about 15 people (new record).

Also, we filmed a title sequence where I got smacked in the face by a Devil’s trident, with it being all religious and stuff.

The main thing, however, was the street demonstration.  Yes, we took to the streets with Fez Hats and megaphones, partaking in a bit of vandalism.  The picture can be seen at the bottom, it’s part of the demonstration.  Shouting through the megaphone I felt like the biggest penis in the world, but it was a right laugh.  People did not enjoy my company in the middle of Plymouth, probably because they did not enjoy being shouted at.

Anyway, apart from that, the ending was as expected…I don’t want to spoil it but nobody turned up.  However it was a still a success…

Keep your eyes out for the finished product after Easter!



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