The second week of my Documentary was a laugh.  It’s starting to become more and more ridiculous now.  My Holy Quest is becoming real, and I’m scared I will fall for it myself.  If this happens, the whole world will have to question itself.

It started with me finally hitting the streets.  That was…hard.  It felt wrong to be preaching about this false religion, and worse trying to be convincing about it.  I don’t think all those Gods up there are too happy with what I’m doing, it rained a lot.

That being said, I gave away a grand total of 3 leaflets.  Yes.  I slept easier this week knowing that I had at least in some way interested 3 people into becoming followers of this religion.

When that bit wrapped, I created the website, unfinished as of yet, but still available.  Here’s the link for it: I intend to put a few more pictures up and a link to soundcloud which will have my hymn on it.

Lastly I then got one of my mates involved.  Lovely chap, bit tall, but nevertheless handy.  We put on make up and silly hats to make it look like we believe in something we don’t.  So armed with eyeliner a fez hat and a megaphone, next week will be the big one.  People will be annoyed.  Here’s a set photo for the time being of me in full garb.  Enjoy.



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