Documentary – Week 1

So I’ve started shooting for my Documentary, Tom Clark’s Holy Quest.  Been a pretty productive week so far.

Day 1 saw me shooting my introduction scene, outside a big church naturally, and explaining to the audience what my project entails.  For those of you who don’t know, I’m seeing if it is possible to create my own religion over the course of a month.  Hilarity will definitely ensue.

Glorious sunshine blessed my first shoot, probably a message from Christian God himself,or Allah or one of them anyway, approving of my religious venture.

I also managed to research some consistencies in various other religions in order to have the basic groundwork for my own.  With my Bible next to me for inspiration, ideas flowed from my now spiritual brain.

The first step was to create a Holy Text.  Or a brief overview of my religion anyway.  Included in this text is the story of Annyeong (my God, it means ‘Hello’ in Korean by the way…) and how he should be praised.  Naturally, Annyeong’s 6 Holy Rules of Life are also included (sort of like the 10 Commandments, but any morality is non existent in it).  I’ll give you an example of one of these rules, ‘Killing is unacceptable unless it’s for the right amount,’  Yeah, I know…

Finally, the week concluded with me printing off these texts and reading a segment of it to the camera.  It’s all going according to plan.

With a couple of cutaway shots and a title scene in early preparation it’s starting to come together nicely.  Oh, and my megaphone turned up.  Yeah, there’s a megaphone in it…

Watch this space new followers of Annyeong!


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