This is a pretty interesting realization of bandwidth not being able to keep up with our communication if you have a few seconds to read it.


Technology is enabling us to get ever closer to the ideal of casual and seamless face-to-face communication over long distances. In fits and starts we’re pulling in more tools and options for communicating and getting us closer to a video-based ideal thanks to better devices and faster broadband connections.

Skype (s msft) is reportedly testing video messaging options for mobile users today. The service would let people leave a video-based message for their friends. I can see a whole new variant on the “wish-you-were-here” picture messages I send that could involve panoramic views or the local soundscape (good for concerts and birdcalls, bad for when I’m in New York City).

A few weeks ago, Twitter launched Vine, to let people record 6-second videos and post them easily from their mobile, and Facebook is testing a voice messaging application that will let you leave a voice-based message for friends from…

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