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Tom Clark – Where Did You Sleep Last Night (Nirvana) for ACTV

This is a collaboration I did with ACTV, a county based acoustic music production company that asked local acts to team up with them for promotional videos. This was when I had just started gigging, and the video was reasonably popular for a few weeks around the college I attended, Canterbury College. I thank the production team for this video, and was glad to work alongside them for this project as it gave me a feel of what was to come. I hope you enjoy the video, and of course, the music.

Christ, some man from my hometown trying to single handedly take down Google…good luck mate.


Payam Tamiz may not be a name very well known in Silicon Valley, or indeed much beyond his small hometown of Margate, a dilapidated coastal resort not far from London. But the wannabe politician has discovered a way to get the giants of the internet to sit up and take notice.

This week Tamiz made wave with an appeal against Google (s GOOG), which he was trying to sue over defamatory comments about him made on Blogger posting. In a case that goes back to 2011, Tamiz had argued that Google was effectively the publisher of a series of comments calling him, falsely, a thief and a drug dealer, and should have deleted them as soon as they were made aware of them. Google did delete the comments, but only after a five week gap.

Tamiz is familiar with online controversy: one reason he was a lightning rod for angry…

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This is a pretty interesting realization of bandwidth not being able to keep up with our communication if you have a few seconds to read it.


Technology is enabling us to get ever closer to the ideal of casual and seamless face-to-face communication over long distances. In fits and starts we’re pulling in more tools and options for communicating and getting us closer to a video-based ideal thanks to better devices and faster broadband connections.

Skype (s msft) is reportedly testing video messaging options for mobile users today. The service would let people leave a video-based message for their friends. I can see a whole new variant on the “wish-you-were-here” picture messages I send that could involve panoramic views or the local soundscape (good for concerts and birdcalls, bad for when I’m in New York City).

A few weeks ago, Twitter launched Vine, to let people record 6-second videos and post them easily from their mobile, and Facebook is testing a voice messaging application that will let you leave a voice-based message for friends from…

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Latitude Festival 2012


So, Latitude was a funny one.  Yeah it was as much fun as the other festivals I’ve done, more fun in some areas, but Christ…the rain!  It may look sunny and warm in the picture above, but don’t let it fool you.  I think the impending rain may have been a sign that Christian God didn’t approve of me wearing garments of another religion.  Oh well, lesson learned.

Anyway, as said before, it rained so heavily the wellies were literally getting sucked off my feet, and not in a satisfying way.  The brand new suitcase full of precious needs like alcohol, cigarettes and a battery operated radio got completely sodden.  As a result of this we played cards more times than was healthy, and I believe I threw a Jack of Clubs at a drunken passer by out of anger at seeing his sodden, mocking face too much in a 5 hour time span.


However, when the new day dawned and the rain had cleared up, we got to go and see this!  The Main Stage in all it’s Middle Class glory, with no snooty whispers from ‘pretending-to-be-happy’ housewives sipping on Chardonnay while their husbands just looked awkward in their dungarees.  Yes, another previously unmentioned benefit for doing charity work at these festivals is that we get to roam around the arena in serenity, days before the first campers are let in.

All this was nice and all, but even after I’d said my 12(ish) Hail Mary’s and got a (not so) reasonably early night, that bloody rain came again.  Just after we’d clocked off from our first shift, eagerly anticipating a drunken roam of the arena, the heavens opened up and cleansed the previously dry ground.  Taking our shelter under a tree we contemplated if it was a bad thing.  Deciding we had enough free booze for it to not matter, we idly carried on our journey, drinking away our depression until the rain didn’t bother us anymore.


I think this must have been an epiphany of sorts, and the higher-ups noticed.  The rain stopped for the most part then, and we spent the rest of the festival looking at spray painted animals and bargain bins for clothing that didn’t fit (which explains how I came across the turban).

All in all, it was a laugh.  Ben Howard was great, Paul Weller was even better, and we saw some comedy and poetry in the free hours we had left.   Oh, and that bloke who played the Dad in CBBC’s ‘My Parents Are Aliens’ was there too.  Wearing dungarees and looking awkward…


Until next year, Latitude! Cheers!

Reading Festival



So every year a few friends and I take a trip to a few pre-chosen festivals to work for the Workers Beer Company.  We work for this company in order to raise a bit of money for a charity my Mum is a part of called Operation Florian (go and check that out if you’ve not heard of it).  

I’m sure I’ll do a Latitude post sometime in the near future, but I’ll start with a Reading one, as it is more memorable.  Oh yeah, as you may have guessed, the selected festivals we got this year were Latitude and Reading.  All we do really is take a percentage of the money earned behind the bar and donate it to the charity.  It doesn’t sound like fun, but everyone there is literally loving life, so it’s a great feeling working with other laid back, human, people.


And seeing bands you love too…that’s the biggest advantage.  The festival is free for anyone working there, so it’s a major talking point when one of the bands we love are performing.  This year the headliners were The Cure (who I’m a big fan of, but were very disappointing), Kasabian (who, again, a big fan of, and they absolutely smashed it), and Foo Fighters (who I’m a big fan of, have seen before, AND KILLED IT HARDER THAN DEATH).  

All in all, it’s a barrel of laughs.  Get up and do a few hours work, for charity nonetheless, then spend the rest of the day listening to music and getting drunk with a great group of people who are there for the same reason.  Life isn’t so hard…